Windows come in many different shapes and sizes. When the time comes to order vinyl window replacement items for a home, many consumers go with what they already have simply because they don’t understand the various options. Before you go to buy vinyl windows toronto, take the time to learn about the different styles, as doing so will help to ensure you make the right choice the first time.

Single hung windows tend to be inexpensive to purchase and repair, as there is only one sash to deal with. They are harder to clean, however, as the two panes overlap. For this reason, many choose these windows only if they live in a single story home and can easily access the exterior portion of the window without a ladder.

Double hung windows are more expensive at the time or purchase, but they are easy to clean as the upper and lower portion both tilt in for washing. These windows offer more ventilation as both sashes move, and there tend to be more design options if one chooses double hung vinyl windows.

Bay windows add class to a home while increasing the square footage of the room in which they are installed. With the addition of a window seat, homeowners obtain extra storage and seating. A bay window increases the amount of light entering a room, although repairs can be costly. Furthermore, heat loss and gain may be an issue thanks to the large glass area.

Greenhouse windows are exactly what the name suggests—a mini greenhouse in the home. The window features a fixed frontpane and two venting sidepanes along with one or more shelves. One can grow herbs in the windows year round and the window brings light and warmth to an area. Be aware that these windows do tend to increase solar heat gain.

Casement windows remain popular with parents, as children find them difficult to open. They add charm to a home and are great for noise reduction. Larger sizes can be difficult to operate and hardware must be maintained for the windows to operate properly, however.

These are only a few of the many options available. Speak to a window supplier to learn about others, their advantages and drawbacks. Doing so ensures you make the right choice the first time and that you get windows you love.